Problem generate photo in a excel report

I created an application to generate a report in excel format but I can’t see the photos on the report, I only see the link of the photo. Do you have a solution for the photo to appear on the report? Thank you. Thank you.


Hi @Axel_Kaprow! Do you have your column type set to “image”?


Excel Template is still in “beta” phase development.

This feature isn’t available yet, No date announced. [months ahead]


Hi @JCadence! I have the same issue, but on google docs. I have one table that has an action that adds a row to another table with the values of that first table every time a row is edited. I have 3 images in the first table, with the column types set to image, and I have 3 image columns in the second table, with column type as an image. I have a report on google docs. For the second table, I made a formatting rule to set the image to medium on workflows. However, when I send this report, it gives me a link. Would you be able to help me? Thanks!

HERE is the report email that I got.
HERE is the template that produces that report.

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