Problem: Image Column is not updated

Something that start happens newly, When the row is updated, every column get updated except the image column! so the image is not updated to the new one, and I still see the old image.

I use SVG images with data, and the data inside the image is not correct. Even after sync. It was ok until now, I could see the image changed immediatly after the action. Now, I do sync 3-4 times and see old image. Only when I close the app, And open it again I can see the changes.

Is it happens because yesterday I’ve deployed the app and changed some Offline/Sync config as suggested?

Or it’s something else?

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I found the problem.

Only the CARDS view type makes this problem.

Can it be fixed please?

It’s very nice view type!

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Im having the same issue, specifically the Cards list view. whenever an action is used an I update some rows in the table, the images seem to have to reload, they don’t come back until the app is fully synced. Anyone?