I hope to have some help because I am blocked for several days.
I want to use LINKTOFLITEREDVIEW to switch from a “MAINTENANCE” view to an “INVENTORY” view but with a filter.
In “INVENTORY”, I have a “CODE DI” (type Ref) information which contains the same information as “Id Objet” (Type ref) in “MAINTENANCE”.
I tried to do this:
LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW(“Inventory”, IN([CODE DI], SELECT(Inventory[CODE DI], [Id Object] = ([_THISROW].[Id Object]))))
But it doesn’t work, it sends me back to “INVENTORY” but without filter.
Could you please help me and tell me where I am wrong?

Thanks in advance

Is this what you’re wanting?

LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW( "Inventory" , [CODE DI] = [_THISROW].[Id Objet] )
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Thank you for your help, I tried but it does not work, it makes a white screen

Sounds like there aren’t any records in inventory where the [CODE DI] value matches the [Id Object] value from the record you ran the LINKTOFILTEREDVIEW from. Are there?