Problem logging in to appshet with google advanced protection program

Is it possible to login to appsheet if the account has google advanced protection program? It returns error 400: Policy Enforced.

Screenshot 2021-01-22 170603

Thanks in advance!

I asked about this internally. Apparently, AppSheet is not yet integrated enough into Google proper for this to work, but that integration is expected within the next few months, as I understand it.

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Hey all,

I figured out a workaround as I found myself in the same boat as all of you.

The scopes shown in the error with the client ID can be added in the Admin Console under domain-wide delegation:

After adding the client ID and scopes I no longer had an issue.

Since I am a new user on this board I am unable to provide all the scopes since they count as URLs and I am limited to 2, I’d encourage you all to trigger the authorization error again to grab them, please note one scope is not a URL and comes second and needs to be added separately and is “openid” and comes immedietly after but it is not to be in the same line. Hope this helps someone out there.

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