Problem of sync with multiple devices

I created an app in which I use for some columns the expression: <LOOKUP([_THISROW].[_RowNumber]-1, “CASH”, “_RowNumber”, “XYZ”)>.

On 1 device, everything works properly.
But when I start using multiple devices, it creates inconsistency data.

I make change on device 1 (open a form, edit and save), the result expected is all correct.
I go now on device 2, and make a change (open a form, edit and save), the result is wrong, because the change of device 1 was not sync beforehand on device 2 ([_RowNumber]-1 returns the wrong value).

In the Offline/Sync option, I set:

  • Sync on start = 1
  • Delayed sync = 0
  • Automatic updates = 1
    Therefore, I expect that device 2 will auto-sync each 30min. But it looks that it is not the case.

My question:
How to ensure that all my devices have been sync before I can make a new data entry?
→ Is there any way to force a sync base on time (ex: every 15min)?
→ Creating a workflow that force to sync before opening a new Form?
→ other?

Thanks in advance for your help.

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I managed to save my issue using an action:

  • Do this: ‘Go to another view within this app’
  • Target: LINKTOVIEW(“XYZ”) & “&at=” & (NOW() + 1)

I guess it’s rather a good solution but if any of you think about some other way, feel free to share.

Not possible.



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