Problem opening .xlsx Workflow Template


I have created a Workflow Template with the Attachment HTTP Content Type being .xlsx. I have attached a template file (converted to .xlsx file from Google Sheets) but when I try to open the attachment on the email I am getting the following error message.

Am I missing something here in the setup? Could someone help with this one?

Thank you.

@Phil Any thoughts?

@Aleksi: I checked the Log on this and it is reporting the following error:

Found 1 unmatched ‘Start’, 1 unmatched ‘End. They are: Cell[4,2]: <<Start: SELECT(Operations_Master_Check[Product Code],[Date of Treatment]=[_THISROW].[Date])>>’, 'Cell[71,2]: <>

This is strange because I have copied the content from a Doc attachment that works perfectly as the email attachment, however, the same content does not seem to work in an xlsx file.

Are Start and End tags not usable in the xlsx files or in the Google Sheet that gets exported to an xslx file?

I can investigate if you provide:

  1. Your account id
    2.The app name
  2. The rule name

Hi @Phil

Account ID: 813993
App Name: PDMUtilityCustomersOperationalProcessing
Rule Name: ESB Pole Transfer

I have reverted the Workflow back to using a Doc file just so I could test. If I need to change to xlsx again please let me know.

Thank you.

Hi Maurice,

In order for me to debug the issue, the app needs to be in the failing state.

I have made the necessary changes for debugging now @Phil

I am investigating.

Hi Maurice,

We do not support Excel templates in the form you are specifying.

The first row in the Excel template should contain column header values.
The second row in the Excel template should contain a Start expression, one or more cell data values, and an End expression.

The images in the following article show the type of Excel template we are expecting

Your template contains a <<Start>> in cell B4 and an <<End>> in cell B71.
We simply don’t support that.


Hi @Phil

Many thanks for investigating and for the advise.

Sorry. At this point we have only implemented a way to generate a more conventional Excel spreadsheet. We are likely to do more in future, including the pattern you attempted to use.

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