Problem saving a image


I got a problem with the image saving function, if I use my own phone everthing works
the image is saved like this
in a folder named Meters_Images

but if i try with a customer phone the url to the image is diffrent, and we can’t see it

The folder here is Meters_Files_


Regarding “Meters_Files_” in the screenshot: AppSheet uses the word “Files” in the folder path whenever we discover a field of “file” type, this would lead me to believe that you also have a “file” field somewhere in your app that your customer was using when this happened? Did they take a picture? Or were they prompted to upload a file?

Yes they was promted to take a picture, but there is no file upload in the app, the strange part is, that if i log in as the customer it works, i tried on 2 diffrent phones, i think it’s some phone settings that is messing things up, but i don’t know what, can it be linked to the google account that is using the app ?