Problem to add a row specifically in a file type column

Hola comunidad, tengo el siguiente problema, cuando creo un nuevo registro en una hoja de smartsheet ocurre el siguiente error:

I’m looking for the key not to be the row number, and leave a field called “Folio”

The description of the problem is as follows:

When I create a new record without filling that “File” field, everything works fine.

However, when filling out the form with that field, the error occurs.

I have checked the file name and understand that it is linked to the key

The initial value of the Folio field for the form is set as UNIQUEID ()
, however this is recalculated by smartsheet to obtain the form “REQXXXX”

I hope someone can help me please, since the file name cannot be concatenated due to the conversion of the key type “01abc” from appsheet to “REQXXXX” from smartsheet