Problem to FIND POSTS about HERE() function in COMMUNITY

Trying to find some posts about function HERE() I’ve noticed when I search wih the word “HERE” or “HERE()”, there is NO results, but I’m sure there is many post related to HERE() function. The behaviour is serching on Community (

Try to use name “location” with your search. But it’s true it won’t find any even there are posts for sure. @Peter any thoughts?

I’m experiencing this too, I’m not sure exactly why - I know Discourse has some unique search commands that it might be getting confused with, but in the meantime, the tag #location has some ‘HERE()’ content as a place to start.

Also, if you’re ever having trouble with the built-in search on any site, a quick way of using Google’s indexing to search the site is typing the following into Chrome address bar: “enter query here”