Problem trying emulate Custom Report APP

I am trying to emulate the Sample APP custom Reports
I cannot seem to get the Virtual Matching column listing the items I want it just shows the first item that matches?

The only difference I notice is that I cannot change the TYPE DETAILS Element type to Ref.

it just keeps going back to text . The column Data type is List.
This is my expression in the virtual column
SELECT(Daily Record ไดอารี่[Scan], (IN([Date], [_THISROW].[Date Choice])))Screen Shot 2020-01-08 at 12.15.00 pm

Is your [Date Choice] column’s type “Date”? If yes, the IN expression is not the correct choice. You can use just [Date]=[_THISROW].[Date Choice]

The first argument should be a single value, the second should be a list.

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