Problem: Views with Type "Card" get stuck in Editor

Hey Community

When I open a view with the type Card, the editor gets “stuck”, it shows a white page instead of my views with an “expanded” version of my selected view of Card type.

I can still go to Data or other parts of the editor, and I can go back to other views by pressing “back” in the browser and then updating the page, or by manually typing in another view in the URL and updating the page.
The problem also occurs when clicking on Detail views, where “Use Card Layout” was enabled, but not on any other view types. So I assume that there must be something wrong with my Card view type.
The Card views in the app itself (so the “output”) still work fine, I simply can’t open the views in the editor.
I also tried the Card view type in another app, no problem. So it also seems to be app-specific.

Has anybody experienced the same and found a solution to the problem? Any other ideas what might be the problem and, more importantly, how to solve it?

I really hope someone can help me with this. I spent so many hours working on my app, and now it seems to have a bug in the editor, I hope that won’t ruin all my work.

Thanks in advance, Roman

That is odd! Please contact for help with this.

Very unlikely. This is likely a bug in how the app editor renders card views. Card views have been buggy since they were introduced.

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I reported this bug to Support months months back to support desk, and presumably the bug is still there.

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Ok, I’ll report it. Thanks for your reply, and the comforting words :wink:

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Thanks for letting me know. I hope that if I report it, maybe they will have a look at the problem! Woul let you know.
May I ask how you handled the problem when it was never fixed by the support team?

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I don’t clearly remember if it was fixed or not as I register bugs almost everyday!!!

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Just for the record: The bug was fixed and shouldn’t happen anymore.

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