Problem when updating data using _THISROW?

Hi everyone! I am having a problem as follows:
I have 3 tables as follows:
A faculty can manage 1 or more classes.
A class can have 1 or more students.


  • ID Faculty (text type)
  • Faculty name


  • ID Class (text type)
  • Class name
  • ID Faculty (Enumlist-Type Ref FACULTY)


  • ID student (text type)
    Student name
    Student phone
  • ID Class (Ref type CLASS)
  • Faculties support (Enumlist type Ref FACULTY) → Have Initial value: LOOKUP ([_ THISROW]. [Class ID], “CLASS”, “ID Class”, “ID Faculty”)

Now I want to filter so that faculty who are logged in can only see the students of the class they manage. Hence, I use the [Faculties support] column for filtering. Employees on that list will be able to see.

Everything is normal, when the user starts to enter students. But the problem occurs when the user changes [Class ID] to the new value this [Faculties support] column does not update itself!

Can anyone help me with this?

Thank you very much!

Faculties support should be a virtual column.


If using a virtual column I don’t find an option where I can filter based on it

What do you mean by “filter”?

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Thank you! I restructured the columns and it’s done

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