Problem whit card view action

Hello, there is a problem on the formula in the display name action, with the action in the card view (in the detail view the name of the action show correctly). We cannot change the color with format ruler in the card view too.

Fredy, this is a known limitation right now and the team is working on updating Card View to help make sure some of these items like variable names or format rules also get evenly applied in cards.


Hey @FREDY_ORTEGON this issue should be resolved. Let us know if the formatting rules now apply to the actions in your card. Thanks!


Hi @morgan, I just tested it and seems is has not fully rolled out for the action formatting rules, I’ll wait. In addition, it seems now that grouped action attached to card view is missing (last week was there).


Hi Heru, I just created a fix that should go out tomorrow. It applies formatting to some actions that were missing. If you still don’t see any changes, try re-saving your card layout (try changing the layout from large to something else, saving, reloading the page, and changing back to large).

Sorry for any inconvenience, and thanks for providing the feedback!