Problem whit webhook

Hi, I am working with a webhook to copy data from a record into a table. the columns that I am going to copy are of type price, and the destination column too. but when the webhook is executed, it is not successful, I receive an error such as: $ 25,000.00 cannot be converted to the price type. If I change the source and destination columns to type text I have no problems and the webhook is executed successfully. but that data does not serve me as a text type, they serve me as a price type. Can somebody help me?

$ 25,000.00 is not a valid Price value; 25000.00 would be correct.

In AppSheet, values have two forms: their internal form, as used by AppSheet itself, and their display form, which is how the user sees them. Within expressions and API calls, you must use the internal form.

The internal form for a Price value is a sequence of one or more numeric digits followed by an optional decimal point and one or more additional numeric digits.

Similarly, the internal form of a Date type is a two-digit month, a slash, a two-digit day, a slash, and a four-digit year (i.e., MM/DD/YYYY), which may be different from the display form you see according to your localization/locale settings.

The TEXT() function produces a Text value from its argument in the argument’s display format.

Thank you for your response, in this case what type my columns should be and what should I call them from the webhook?

Can you provide a screenshot of the webhook that contains the problem value?

Hi Steve, interestingly my problem was resolved.

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