Problem with a Looping Action


Sorry to contact you directly, but I based my looping actions on your Video/Sample App. I’ve made it work on another App, but this one has a structure that’s a little different and the Loop is stopping after 2 iterations when I make it run Auto. The Action to create the new rows works as it should when manually activating it, but not when I set it up to start after a Form save.

Here’s the app:

I hope I’ve set it up correctly for public access.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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Hey @Hamlet
Unfortunately I’m unable to view the app’s definition; if you wanted to share that publicly you’ll need to:

  1. Mark your app as a “Public sample app”
  2. Get the link to that sample app page
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Hi @MultiTech_Visions

I’ve made a public App. Hope that worked.

What this does is let me use the app - not look at how it’s put together.

Then I need to look up how to turn it into a sample app and where to find that link. I’ll post back when I figure it out.

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Finally figured it out. Sorry about that.

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Hello @MultiTech_Visions

I looked around the app again last night and found out I had setup the loop wrong in one of the steps. My bad :frowning:

Anyhow, thank you very much for the great video and sample app. It really helped a lot.


Your welcome; glad you got it figured out!

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