Problem with Concatenating - duplicating

Hi guy’s, i need to do a history from column [texto_observacao], so i created the column observacao to be a history.

Column texto_observacao is a type longtext with an initial value to catch the date and the user and a reset when edit:

CONCATENATE( NOW(), " - " , lookup(useremail(),tecnico,email,nome), " - ")

at column observacao, i used the appformula:


Its worked, but at every changes that i do at the form, it’s insert another line.
I want only what is written at texto_observacao


Should be like that:

Wow, that’s interesting.

I would use an Action that runs upon Form Save to update the history value, instead of an App Formula.

Set Reset on edit? to the expression:

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Hi guy’s, what is the return of [_this] in an expression ???

[_THIS] refers to the current column
In Johny’s case, he could have used [informacoes adicionas] for the same effect.

Common usage scenario: setting some column to only be editable if it is blank:
editable_if = ISBLANK( [_THIS] )