Problem with copy and paste data

heyy I have learned how to cut data in this sample application “Copy and Paste” ( the result is that the data has been copied but the copied data is still stored in the parent table. That action to trigger an “execute an action on a set of rows” is not working … can you help me to solve this problem?

Thanks in advance

Might there be a mis-understanding on your side? “Copy” and “Cut” are different operations. So it’s normal that the copied data resides in the parent table. If you want to delete the source data after it’s being copied, you need to use a Sequence of actions and use a Delete this row action after the data have been copied.

However, as you have noticed it as parent table, I think of a Parent Table and a Child Table where the data is copied and there’s a reference between these 2 tables. Just bear in mind that, if you delete a parent record of a child record, the reference will be lost as well.

You can look at this:


Ok thanks @LeventK :ok_hand: :ok_hand:

Hai @LeventK… action to delete this row on my application already working. But every time the data have been copied it’s always shown warning the delete data.

Just turn off the confirmation message property in your system delete action :hugs:


@LeventK i have already done that but warnig still appears…