Problem with dereference

I have some columns in worksheet “Leave” which are filled by users using Form. While another few columns (Status, Rejected Reasons, Approved By) are to be completed by the approvers. For the latter, I used LinktoForm for approver’s input, the form is created as a separate worksheet “For Approval”

My intention is to have an overview of all leave application and status in one “Leave” spreadsheet.

I tried to link “Leave” and “For Approval” using dereferencing, as shown in the screenshot. However, the columns in “Leave” are not populated when “For Approval” is updated.

Seek your advise please. Thank you

First of all you dont need another worksheet for the approval process. Increasing worksheets only increase clutter and makes it hard for the app to work fast.

You keep all those approval process columns within the leave table, using REAL columns. Make two slices from the table, one just containing the leave process columns, another containing the approval process columns. MAKE SURE TO INCLUDE THE KEY COLUMN IN BOTH SLICES.

Make views from both of them. The leave slice would be used by the general users, the detail view of the whole would be used by people higher up, and a form view from the approval slice would be linked from that detail view by

LINKTOROW([Key column_Name], “Form View name that is made from the approval slice”)

Any data change action, like changing status column, can be attached to the form saved of that view.

And your process, should require a proper reference column in the approval table to the leave table. The linktoform should factor that into the formula, and prefill that column using the key value of the leave records. Thats only how dereferences will work. Worthy to mention, I dont see a related_approvals column in your posted image, which would always be created if you set up a reference properly


Thanks a lot for this explanation , could you please make a demo for that , it will be very helpful for us .
Best regards