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I´m having problems with a detail view in my app, it will show the row i want if I enter for example 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8 n a row but when I replace even I cell with a formula to bring in a value which it does everything disappears from the view on the app, does anyone have any ideas on this,tia

Hi @MyVideoi_Productions! Welcome to the AppSheet community!

I’m not sure about the exact cause. Perhaps if you could share some screenshots of the spreadsheet and the table as it appears in your AppSheet editor we can help. It might also be good to have a screenshot of the settings for the detail view from the AppSheet editor too.

The view shows nothing as i have a simple count if formula in B5 if I change it to the letter z it shows shows this view

What do you mean by everything disappears?

I’m not sure what you mean by this. Looking at your spreadsheet, column B5 is the column “YOUR TRIP DWL” column. It looks like you have a value showing in the image, just not the one you expected.

Ok, so a few things.

  1. Making a change directly in the spreadsheet will not automatically be reflected in the AppSheet app. When you make such changes you’ll need to Sync the app.

  2. A Detail view is normally used to show details of a single SELECTED record from some multi-record view like a Table or a Deck view. When there are multiple rows in the datasource, in your case that is “Rachel From the Office”, I’m not sure how AppSheet decides which row to show in the Detail view. It looks like from your screenshot its the last one. You can make the Detail view use a “slide” presentation where you can then tap arrows to go to the next row - like in a slideshow. But I wonder if that is the presentation you are after?

  3. If your intention is to use the spreadsheet solely to store data for use in the app, I would recommend implementing formulas in the app itself. Placing them in the sheet can cause Sync times to grow needlessly. On the other hand, if your sheet is used by other input/display sources (i.e. not through an AppSheet app) you may have no choice.

  4. I believe support of cloud-based Excel workbooks, which yours is, is relatively recent. I normally use Google sheets but I played with an Excel sheet recently based on an issue another Community member was having. I found that the some formula updates in Excel were not reflecting in AppSheet correctly while the same formulas worked as expected from Google sheet. I don’t know if it was a bug or if there are some certain considerations to make when using Excel. You might want to review the following for any additional helpful info about using Excel

Support search for other Excel topics:


Thanks for your help