PROBLEM with Detail View with same Column Width


Hi Everyone!
I have an excel file with data for all the members of my office.
I created 1 app (LogiDesk) for segretary users and I created a copy of this app with differente action and view for other users (PeritoDesk).
Particolary there is a Detail View (+Perizie) where Column Width is the same parameter - Narrow -

When I deployed the apps they have the same view but now…in the secondary app (PeritoDesk) the Detail View is different but I not know why…

How can I corrige this problem in PeritoDesk?

Segretary App

Users App

Thanks for help me.

There is no way to set the column widths; AppSheet tries to set the widths based on the preferences you’ve expressed (Narrow or Wide), and by examining the data in the columns themselves. You can prompt AppSheet to reexamine the column widths by using Save and Verify Data in the app editor.


I do this but there aren’t news… :cry: .

I don’t undestand why same data and different view…