Problem with hiding columns in form view

(Christian Kryger) #1

Hi all

I have a question regarding hiding a column in the form view.
In my table I have a virtual column that shows a weekday, based on the today() function. I need to show it in the table views, but when you go into the form view, this virtual column is visible. How do I hide it in the form view, but keep it visible in the table view? (See pictures for setup)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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(Steve Coile) #2

In the column’s Show_If property:

(CONTEXT("ViewType") <> "form")

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(Christian Kryger) #3

Thanks! Works like a charm :slight_smile:

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(Michael Pinto) #4

I’m still holding thumbs that one day Appsheet with give forms the same column order ability that every other view already has and make form management a whole lot easier.
One can only hope…:wink:

(Levent Kulacoglu) #5

You can already do that with creating a slice of your table and using that slice in your Form View. You can re-order the columns in the slice that you want to see in the Form.

(Michael Pinto) #6

I am familiar with the process. Thank you.
Unfortunately it is not as efficient as the other views. Taking the current question as a example…
A expression is needed for each field just to do a common thing as not show a virtual or other column in a form to avoid confusing a user. My app alone has more than 30 virtual columns and my simpler apps have at least 10.
I would love to see the stats of how many apps have virtual columns that users do not want to be in the form but in other views and how many users have forms linked to slices just to order columns.
I also very rarely need my data presented in a form in the same order as it is in other views. Which means I have to setup a combination of slices and show_if expressions that take hours to setup which would take me minutes to do in comparison to other views types that have the column order feature.
I would think that all the duplicate slices and expressions per form also influence speed of an app.
I do not understand the logic to why forms is the only view that does not have order column. Maybe there is a reason that I am not seeing.
So I am still holding thumbs that this feature will eventually be implemented in forms.:sweat_smile: