Problem with if isblank

I have a column called Status. I am using formula below but it is not working.
I have tried putting it in initial Value and in App Formula but neither works. Any idea what I am doing wrong?

IF(ISBLANK([Order No]), “Requested”, “Ordered”)


Figured out that this works when I add a new record but doesn’t update already existing records.

Set the RESET ON EDIT property to ON and write a conditional expression to trigger the resetting of your initial value i.e.


When this expression evals to TRUE, the initial value of the existing record will be resetted and the expression in your initial value will be re-computed.

thanks but where do I put the conditional expression. Image below sets Status field to True or False?

Click on the blue funnel icon to open the expression editor. Write down your expression and save it. That’s all.

Got it working! Thanks for all your help.