Problem with Image Path, and image name on google sheet

Hi Guys,
I have some problem when upload image.
example :
(Good) Data_Images/INST0070505.EVIDENCE DW INDOOR INSTALLATION.054157.jpg
But sometimes
Error Data_Images/INST0070508.EVIDENCE DW INDOOR INSTALLATION.050126.02_%2Fstorage%2Femulated%2F0%2FDCIM%2FCamera%2FTimePhoto_20191117_115413.jpg

And the other problem is, sometimes the error value that already stored on google sheet suddenly gone.

Did anyone have same issue like me?

Is this happening when you take a photo with a mobile device and you try to save that record?

This happening when they upload some’s image from they phone.
sometimes success, but sometimes the path like that. and then suddenly gone.

i already try to clear the cell value, and ask them to upload again. and still this problem exist.
But on another row, its was good. but sometimes this happen again.

i don’t have any idea this problem happen because the appsheet, or google drive, or maybe the Android OS.

@Gil Any thoughts about this?

Hi @Novianto_Djunaedi,
Would you mind if I take a look in your app? I’ll need the app’s name as well as instructions where to find a broken image (if your app is complex).
Also, does this happens only when images are uploaded from Android devices?

Hi Gil,

Yes i really need help. How to share the apps to you?
And for your question, i never try to upload use IOS, all was by Android device.
And another fact i found is.

  1. Only 2 user that create a path like that. and started create a “path” like that. the other user seems fine. totally around 5 user.
  2. Started create a path like that for 1 month before. earlier is fine.
  3. even we do re-upload, still like that.
  4. And the main problem is. the value / path can suddenly clear from google sheet…
  5. Apps still not deploy.

Please help me for this issue.

Let the user try use other mobile and check if still the same problem

It happened before with me because the phone is old and the internet signal is weak

Hi Mate,

i will try that. thanks mate,

but the main problem some value gone it was happened to all user sometimes. even the path is normal. any idea mate?

If all user can ( Add and Edit ) at the same time, should be use this formula UNIQUEID() in [KEY] column in Auto Compute / Initial Value

This is a video showing how to add it

All user can edit at the same time. Not add a new record. But edit partial in a row. And will never be in the same row.

What’s the app’s name?

PAG IKR_rev01

i found on the appsheet audit log, on the 18 Nov 2019, 10:48 AM UTC, there is a transaction to clear the value on some call. could you help me, what is going on? Thanks @Gil

another new problem, its written “missing_auth_token” on the cell that should be a path of picture

Thanks @Novianto_Djunaedi,
Could you please point me to a broken image in you app? I’ll need clear steps to get to an image that doesn’t show.

Reinstalling the app should fix the missing_auth_token issue.

How to? Did you mean which column that the path and the picture is suddenly clear / erase?

Thanks for advice about re-installing again

i will try to explain again, i using appsheet for collect some picture.
My method is, i split to 5 steps.
Step 1. Create New Entry / Row.
Step 2. Continue input value for the existing row by using action “Edit”
Step 3. Continue upload image for the exsiting row by using action “edit”
Step 4. Continue upload image for the exsiting row by using action “edit”
Step 5. Continue input value for the exsiting row by using action “edit”

And the problem is on step 3 and step 4.

  1. Some user create abnormal path.
  2. The path of image, and also the image file that already stored is suddenly gone / replaced by " "
  3. its not happened to all row. only some rows. but never know if maybe effect to all data later.
  4. Even i try to ask them re-upload again. the problem still exist. they suddenly gone again.

And to find out the problem, i try to

  1. check history on google sheet. and found out, the path and image was already stored before. but later its cleared / replaced.
  2. i check the audit on appsheet, and i found on that time, that erase / replace the path is from appsheet.

Please help me to find out, what is going on. and how to resolve this.

Thanks for the explanation @Novianto_Djunaedi, but I still don’t understand a few things:

  1. Why are you editing the same row so many times? If you could capture this on video that would probably make it easier for me to understand what’s going on.
  2. Which columns have missing images? Is it just [EVIDENCE DW INDOOR INSTALLATION]? Is the data on other non-image columns ok?
  3. Does it happens when user upload an image from the gallery or take a picture from within the app (or both)?

Hi @Gil,
Let me try to answer.

  1. Because i need collect and input data or picture on each row. Each row is a “Work Order” that i create at first step. Then after that, my friend on the site will need to input some value and picture as evidence. On each row / work order will have minimum 20 image. That’s why i split to 5 steps.
  2. The image and path get deleted or replaced not only on that column. But all the column on that step.
    Example, like this.
    Column A - J is step 1
    Column K - O is step 2
    Column P - T is step 3 (all column was image type)
    Column U - Z is step 4 (all column was image type)
    Column AA - AJ is step 5.

I found the problem is only applied on step 3 and step 4. Whichist all was image type. So when the data was erase or replaced “”, its only effect on that step. (sometimes on step 3 and mostly on step 4)

  1. Seems both of them. But i believe mostly they pick from galery.

What video should i provide? When the value cleared / replaced? I never know when it was happened. I only can check using history on google drive, one by one… ~_~

Anyway, what video you want me to provide? Or maybe if you would mind, i can share the data to you, to help me analyze what is going on? Thanks