Problem with Image Path, and image name on google sheet

From you description it sounds like a problem with synchronization:
If your friend doesn’t sync his app before doing step 3, his app might not have the changes you’ve made in step 2 (So the app thinks columns K - O are all empty). Then when he makes his edit, he write those empty values to the spread sheet.
You could ask app users to sync their apps more often, but it sounds like the root of the problem is the app’s design. You may want to consider taking those columns out of the work order table and have them in a separate work order details table that would reference the work order. This way, in each step you will be adding a work order details instead of editing an existing work order.

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i made a requirement, so if they not Done the previous step, they can’t continue to next step. is it possible the problem because of using column and row too many? because on this sheet i use column to “CT” and have almost 600 rows.?

In general, having too many images on one row is not the best practice and might cause some memory related issue.
You can also use security filters to reduce the amount of data being sent to the user’s device.

Ok. I will check for it. Thanks.

Hi @Gil,

Could you help me to check this problem.
i try to change a folder path to stored the image. but only work for 3 column. other column still on the old path (standard path from appsheet “Data_Images/”.
I’m pretty sure that i already change all the path to the new one.even i use “Copy paste” the path from the column that working. but still nothing happened. would you mind to check this?
Thanks in advance

WORK Path that created “SO-0047702/INST0074283.UPLOAD SCREENSHOT WO.030330.jpg”

NOT WORK Path that created “Data_Images/INST0074283.REDAMAN OPM FAT.080618.28_%2Fstorage%2Femulated%2F0%2FWhatsApp%2FMedia%2FWhatsApp%20Images%2FIMG-20191129-WA0064.jpg”

Is there no one facing this issues?
And no one can help me to solve this issues?

is it really no one can help on this problem?

I try to create a new apps again. still very simple.
But today it happened again.


Is there no one facing this issues?
Is there no appteam care to solve this?

Hi @Novianto_Djunaedi,
I would recommend posting your last question in a new thread, right now it’s buried at the bottom of a not related long thread and is not very likely to be noticed.

ok. Thanks for your advice