Problem with Images not attaching or appearin...

(Matt H) #1

Problem with Images not attaching or appearing in a pdf workflow.

I have several applications where images are inconsistently/randomly not attaching within the workflow.

Has anyone else encountered this?

The email has just the links which one opens in a new tab and the other opens to a blank screen with a small white box.

The pdf attachment has 2 gray boxes where the photos should be.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Are the images appearing correctly in the app itself? This seems like a problem with the image url construction. Perhaps the image folder was moved?

Another thing to check — the Security -> Options pane. Perhaps you have enabled security for images (this will prevent them showing in the PDFs)

(Matt H) #3


It looks like 2 photos taken 2 minutes apart for 2 different records went into different folders. One went to MyDrive>appsheet>data>appname>table_images>imagename.jpg (This one displays in the APP)

the other went to

MyDrive>table_images>imagename.jpg (This one does not display in the APP)

Within the google data sheet image column the image names both appear as pointing to the same folder.

How can I get new images pointing to the same folder?

UPDATE: Entered new data with two photos going to the appsheet image folder: images appear in the attachment and in the pdf, but cannot be viewed in the APP.

UPDATE2: Entered new data with two photos again.

Photos went to root my drive folder, can be seen in the app but didn’t appear in the attachment/pdf.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #4

Also, can I verify that you have not changed the default folder location for the app (in the Info -> Properties tab — it should appsheet/data/appname)

Assuming you haven’t, then I think the problem you have is that the spreadsheet has multiple parent folders (a Google Drive speciality that confuses the heck out of everyone). I suspect your sheet appears both in appsheet/data/appname and also in your root folder. Is this the case?

When our system looks for the images, they need to be relative to the location of the spreadsheet. So AppSheet asks Google Drive — (a) given the spreadsheet, give me its parent folder, (b) given the parent folder, find me a sub-folder called table_images.

If Google Drive returns a different value each time for (a), it causes the behavior you are seeing.