Problem with LinkToForm Deep Link

Hi. I am using the following expression to allow the user to Navigate from a particular record in an Asset Managment Application to a Health & Safety Application
LINKTOFORM(“Create Peeler Check”, “Area”, [Area], “Category”, [Category], “Sub Category”, [Sub Category], “Asset”, [Asset],“HealthandSafety-OperationsChecklists-813993”)

The link works perfectly first time but there seems to be an issue using the action on subsequent records.

  1. I navigate back to the Asset Managment Application through the (3 horizontal lines) main menu option and view the next record that displays the LINKTOFORM action.
  2. I click on the action icon to go back to the Health & Safety App for this subsequent record.
  3. The prepopulated values in the “Create Peeler Check” form contain the values from the initial record and not the subsequent record.

Any advice would be great, thanks you.

Happy to share access to the app if it would make it easier to understand the problem.

@MauriceWhelan Are you still having this issue?


This still appears to be an issue but only in the following scenario.

  1. I open a record in the Asset Management Application and use the available action to springboard to the corresponding check in the Health & Safety Application.

  2. I don’t complete the Health & Safety Application form and migrate back to the Asset Management Application to repeat step 1.

  3. When diverted back to the Health & Safety Application Form a second time, the prepopulated form fields contain the values from the first record.

Note: If I complete the Health & Safety check in point 1 above all seems ok but inevitably users will make a mistake and migrate from the wrong record and want to repeat their steps without having to complete the check on the Health & Safety Application.

I assume then that in Step 2) a different record is being “opened” and the Action button on that record is being activated.

It is hard to ascertain what might be happening. And its inefficient to ask and explain details to fill in gaps.

I wonder if you could capture a screen video of the issue happening and post that? For your issue that will go a long way in fully describing the problem.