Problem with LINKTOFORM to another App


I try to use an action to navigate to another App and pre-fill a form at destination with values of where I come from (both columns called “Description”). I tried this :

LINKTOFORM(Chantier_form, [Description], [_thisrow].[Description], “TheotherApp-128”)

but it does not work. The form is opening in the 2nd App but requested columns are not prefilled. Is there any mistake ?

Have you tried with:
LINKTOFORM(Chantier_form, "Description", [Description], “TheotherApp-128”)

The second argument, after the form name, should be a column name, not a column reference as you have (e.g., just Description, without the square brackets). Also, [_thisrow]. is not needed. Try:

LINKTOFORM("Chantier_form", "Description", [Description], “TheotherApp-128”)
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That was the solutoin thanks !

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