Problem with LINKTOFORM

I have two tables. I am trying to create a LINKTOFORM to have the user click on a certain selection. Then it will direct the user to the form - adding the values the user selected.

Table A - Category Table
Table B - Reserve Table


This does not put the values I used on the LINKTOFORM expression into the form. When the user clicks on the view link (Card View) it does go to the form, but nothing is imputed already.

Process I want:

Step 1 (User chooses the category):

Step 2 (User chooses a sub category):

Step 3 (User now fills out the form WITH the [category] and [subcategory] ALREADY there):

As you can see - nothing populates those values/fields?

The column name should be a textual value, not a column reference.

LINKTOFORM("Generator Form", "Category", [Category], "Sub Category", [Sub Category])

Thank you.

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