Problem with Onboarding

I thought this would be simple to setup but i have been in loops trying to get it to work. The app should be simple.
I want a welcome screen, on-boarding with a signature followed by a 2nd on-boarding with a 2nd signature, followed by a form followed by a confirmation.
So 4 pages. Ok so I can get the first onboarding one looking good… But signatures refuses to work and even though theres a done button i cant figure out how to link done to a 2nd onboarding or anything for that matter.
The closest I have been is Onboarding(no signature) with + in corner to form. I have tried copying other apps and using them… Only to scratch my head just trying to figure out were they are hiding the data.
I would be ok with out the onboarding thing.

But I basically need a info page for an agreement followed by a 2nd agreement followed by form then closure.

I have juggled threw every thing trying to get titles and descriptions to show correctly. It seems like my actions are flat missing unless i copy an app and when i add a action it dosnt show.

The form it self I have working perfectly. I just cant get it exactly how i need it. I have looked for tutorials and is all i find are simple import data and fix minor issues. The Dashboard sorta works but no signatures there and the events are greyed out. So even failing to goto next page for a single signature.

I have to be missing something to get it from 1 pages to the next.

How is it not working?

What did you try?

How so?

Ok i gave up on the onboarding, and with a bit of luck was able to find a video showing you could do images in forms. So after poking prodding for a half hour more. I found the 1 thing i was missing the most the data and view columns. Off the the left is a stupidly placed edit icon. After figuring out how to do the image and txt. Which i thought i could just flip to show(aka show info in table) But no I had to add the txt to each title tab… But i got it. Now im oh so close to finishing this. So i’ll make a new thread with my new problem.

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I have the same issue where i cannot get the done button to show. I can see it if i open the inspector and look at the code there is a “done” button which is disabled. enabling it shows the button and it functions as specified. however theres no way to enable the button in app and changes made in inspect cant be saved. seems like a bug