Problem with Ref

Hello. This is my first app with AppSheep.

I am looking for a solution to my problem.

I have two tables:
1 Suppliers
2 Certifications

In the first table I have the CERTIFICATION column where I set a ref. Which takes the values ​​from the Certifications table.

How can I select multiple items from the drop-down list?

Thanks in advance.

PS. I’m sorry, I’m still not very practical

If you don’t need reference between these two tables, you could use Enumlist field rather than a Ref.

Thanks a lot for the answer.

I need selecting multiple items to create multiple records.

Now I tried to use “Enum list” with the subtype “Ref” but the result are errors. So I don’t think it’s the correct passage

Do you need to use Ref field? I’m not 100% sure what you are looking for. With the Ref field you can choose only one parent record. You can think this like… one child can only have one mother.

I try to explain better what I would like to do.

I wish when I click the button to add a new record.
When I have to add the certifications, I can click on more options from the list.
Cattura1 Cattura2

Okay… if you are reading values from another table, use the formula with the “Suggested values” rather than Valid If and then set the option “Allow other values” as ON. Then you will see an option called “Add or search”. You will see it in the dropdown.

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Thanks a lot for the tip, I set the type “Enum List” and the basic type “Ref”. In the virtual column it gives me the following error.

The name of the ‘New virtual certification’ column in the ‘Certifications_Schema’ scheme of the column type ‘List’ has an invalid app formula ‘= REF_ROWS (“Suppliers”, “Certification”)’. Could not compare list to number in ([Certification] = [_THISROW-1]. [CERTIFICATION ID])

What formula can I set?

You don’t need to choose Ref as a base type, text should be just fine. If you want to read your values from another table, just use TableName[ColumnName] syntax.