Problem with row filter on slice, condition not working

Hi, I have a problem writing the correct condition on slice.

The situation is as follows:
I have two tables, table A and table B.

Table A - contains product owners, each owner has their unique code, and also has the column “Complete control execution”. If the item control on a given holder has been fully completed, the value of this column in the row next to the given owner is “1”.

Table B - contains the audit history. This table also has a column with a unique owner code, so I know which item belongs to whom.

I have a slice called “List of items fully controlled owners”

I want to display there only those items inspected that belong to owners who have the value 1 in the column “Complete control execution”.

I have already tried this:

-ANY (SELECT (Owners [owner_code], AND (([owner_code] = [_ THISROW]. [Owner_code]), [Complete control execution] = 1)))

  • LOOKUP (owner_code, Owners, owner_code, Complete control execution) = 1

Unfortunately, none of the above conditions work

Thank you in advance for your help!

Ok i got it : LOOKUP([_THISROW].[owner_code], “Owners”, “owner_code”, “Complete control execution”)=1