Problem with Sorting in Deck View Group By

I have a deck view with a Group By based on TYPE_NO which is the key for the Type table. The label is TYPE_NAME. But when I group by TYPE_NO, the deck view does NOT sort by the label,TYPE_NAME. It sorts instead on TYPE_NO which is the primary key.

It doesn’t sort correctly by the label if I put TYPE_NO in the Sort property either.

How can I force it to sort by the label? TYPE_NAME?

Can you group by the label?
Also what do you wish to accomplish with grouping by the key? There shouldn’t be a group based on the key since the key is unique?
If you are just trying to have it condensed at the deepest group by then you should use Row number as the final group by.

The TYPE_NO is not the key for this table. It is a reference to another table. So I want it to group by Type_Name to show the items together with the same Type. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

Oh gotcha, sounds more like a bug then to me. I’d say ask about this but if it isn’t a bug then I would assume the solution is to LOOKUP() the label based on the key.

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Is it in fact a column of type Ref? The behavior you describe suggests it isn’t.

So it is an EnumList with a base type of Ref.

You’re grouping on an EnumList? I doubt that’s supported.

It actually groups it just fine, whether there is one or more in the list. It just doesn’t sort it by the first item in the list. It’s using the TYPE_NO (Key) to do the sorting of the group.

I agree with @Austin_Lambeth, then: I think we’ll have to call this a bug. Please engage

Grouping works but not sorted by label of primary key.

Could this be why searching doesn’t work?
Search by an existing type shown in previous screenshot, Crisis, and nothing is found.

I have experienced this before where searching did not like enumlist with references but this was in a dropdown list where I was also combining SELECT() and LIST() which was causing my error. I found a workaround so I didn’t think to report it as a bug.

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