Problem with sync

Yesterday and Today I’m having sync problem from Taiwan, is anyone have the same issues?

May I ask what kind of issue? Any error message?

@Aleksi Hello, sometimes it take 10-12 hours to sync for 2-3 updates or change of data

Have you already checked the possible reason from the Performance profile?

@Aleksi most of time is spend on “Compute virtual column” then is will get timed out

When the reason is the virtual column, you would need to check what is wrong with the app formula. It sounds you have few quite big tables and your app formulas are reading them multiple times

@Aleksi I see.
I use Customer Table and Message Board Table to track how many days from today of each customer has not visited and I use virtual column for that, maybe that the reason cause the multiple reads. I crate a virtual column in the Customer Table called lastvisit and App formula is “MAX(SELECT(MessageBoard[TimeStamp],[CompanyID]=[_thisrow].[CompanyID]))”, what should I do to make this read faster? Should I use the column instead of virtual, and If I make it real column what steps should do so, when someone enter new data in the message board and it will also update customer table in lastvisit?
Thank you!

Do you use Ref column between these two tables?

@Aleksi Yes, CustomerID

Then you can write your formula like…
MAX(SELECT([RelatedVisits][TimeStamp],True)). This syntax will read the timestamp from the small virtual list instead of the whole MessageBoard table.

Another solution is to update the customer record with an event action when you add a new visit.

@Aleksi Maybe the slowness is from other virtual column call SinceLastVisit in the customer table, which app formula is " if(hour(TODAY() - [LastVisit]) < 360000, HOUR(TODAY() - [LastVisit]) / 24, 0)".
If I use virtual column for this purpose meaning, when someone add a new visit, In customer table, LastVisit and SinceLastVisit will recalculate again everytime?
I will do some research on “Event Action”
Thank you Aleksi

This virtual column is not so time consuming because the virtual calculation is happening inside of the row, and it doesn’t need to lookup another table.

Check this sample app called “EventAction” how you can update the parent record when child record is added or updated.

@Aleksi Thanks for the help! It’s there a YouTube clip I can watch that specific talks about the use of Event Action?

Check that sample app and you should see how it’s built with real app.

@Aleksi OK, Thank you Aleksi

You’re welcome