Problem with the workflow

Hey there! I have a problem with the workflow I have already set up. I need to send an e mail with an attached file. I could compare it with Order capture app wich is free and I did the same steps. When I press the test buttom of the workflow window I can find al the rows was completed by the app usser but he could not get the email.

Here I can show how I set up the template I want to attach. I do not know where is the mistake. Hope your comments.

The app is deployed. The emails are sent when I press the buttom test of workflow. The email might be sent when the order is saved. ¿Or everytime I save a new order I have to test it?

What does this mean?

This needs to be fixed:

How I have to do for matching the conditions?
The email must be sent when the order or budget is approved.

I presume that the workflow is triggered by either adding or updating a record.
If so, do the add or update and then check the contents of Audit History.
It will tell you if an error occurred or if the email was sent.
If the email was sent, it will tell you the email addresses of the recipients.


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