Problem with UI changes

I have an app in black and white (by brand image) I used the Dark mode and white primary color. A couple of days ago, when you modified the appearance of the interface, the action buttons were no longer visible (or are barely visible). The problem is that the primary color is used for the background of the buttons instead of for the icon. So for the icons to show, you would have to set the primary color to black, but the save buttons would no longer show, for example. I opted to use gray, and the buttons are visible, but the “Save” buttons are seen as disabled.
A solution to this would be to enable the possibility of applying Format Rules to the action buttons, which would be very useful.
As an example, I use a lot to send messages via WhatsApp. Since you cannot add custom icons to the action buttons, it would be great to be able to give the button’s background a green color and a blank sms icon, which would give a much closer association to the WhatsApp icon.




Hi Alfredo. I’ve put in a fix, and you should see the problem go away on your end within the next couple days. Thank you for reporting this!