Problem with values in PDF report

Hi everyone, I managed to create a report after saving a form but I came up with a problem, all the answers are written down with them id’s. The next screen should show the problem:


I have 2 tables “evaluations” and “answers”, every question in the evaluation form has an enum or enumlist referenced with the answers table. Any idea how I can get the answer text insted of its id ?

thanks in advance.

Sure, you have to add the column that has the label or property you want to show to the end of the expression you are using in your template.
For example, lets assume you want to show the name of a patient instead of the key value. You have to referente the Name column to your expresion adding “.[NAME]” at the end of the expression that’s written on your template.
Hope this makes sence. If not, give me the expression that is actually on the template and the name of the table that holds the “ID patient” value that you want to show and I could give you the formula

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Thanks for the answer, It makes sense. But I came up with another problem, after I changed the template the aumation process stopped working. I tried to create a new template without any changed in its body and the automation began to work again.
Maybe there is something Im not doing after changing the template body?

I’m not sure because I can change my templates a hundred times, keep the template open while doing so, and the bot trigger just fine with the new changes.
You should check on the “monitor” option of your bot if there are any errors and also under Manage → Monitor → Audit History → Launch log analyzer. There you can find usefull info related to your problem


Oh didnt know about the bot monitor, I found the problem in there. Thanks!!

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