Problem with virtual column formula

Hi everyone, I came up with a problem in an app that I have been using for a while without any. I have 2 tables, “cobros” where I register all the money that comes in, and “pagos” that registers the money out operations.

Screen of cobros table:

Screen of pagos table:

In cobros table I have a virtual column that goes like this:

The formula runs perfectly, but when the price of an operation is $7000 it doesnt recognize the value, and if i change it to $7001 its solve.

Dont know where may be the problem, any help here?
Thanks in advance

What does that mean?

  • distinct-only? ( Yes/No ): FALSE to indicate the results list should include all values found in selected rows, or TRUE to indicate duplicate values should be omitted. If not given, FALSE is assumed.

Fíjate si hay otro monto por el mismo valor que podría estar siendo ignorado. Debes poner Select en False, si no filtrará los montos con el mismo valor, cosa que en este caso no es necesario


Perecto! Era ese el problema, no recuerdo por que en su momento use la condicion TRUE.
Gracias por la respuesta!!