Problem with workflow email link to form

I have multiple workflows that send emails based on data changes in my app. I have a similar problem with each one.

The link opens the app on my phone and, depending on how long it’s been since the data was synced, either opens up to a blank form or to the correct record in the form. It seems like, even though I THINK I am telling the app to sync it doesn’t before opening the form passed to it through the link.<<[Encouragement_NO]>>&page=form&at=<<ENCODEURL(NOW())>>

I removed the a href= so you can see the actual text of the link.

On my laptop, if I have the app open in the browser and force a sync BEFORE clicking on the link in my email, then it goes to the correct record, otherwise it opens a blank form.
What am I missing? How can I force a sync when I click on the link? Or am I missing something else?


Please try…




what do the refresh=1 and wipe=1 do?

This opens the app:

<a href="
">Click here to Approve User Submitted Encouragement</a>

This opens the browser:
<a href="<<CONCATENATE(“”,LINKTOROW([Encouragement_NO],“Admin_User_Submitted_Encouragements_Form”),"&at=",ENCODEURL(NOW()))>>">Click here to Approve User Submitted Encouragement

This goes to the app:

But in each of these cases, the first click on the link opens the correct form, WITHOUT any data. That doesn’t depend on whether the app is open or not. Clicking on the same link, a second time, without doing anything else to the app, takes you to the correct record.

I’ve also waited five-ten minutes and the first click still goes to an empty form.

Please, help.