Problem with workflow triggering


My workflow condition is “ [Minimum acceptable stock] > [Current stock] “

I have a problem to trigger workflow as value in [Current stock] field is update by formula only.

As the data not update directly to the table caused system not trigger the workflow.

Is there any way to automatically trigger workflow by update information from other table?

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Hi @Apichai_Pornchaiperm
Have you tried using a Report, rather than a workflow?

Hi Lynn,

Thank you for your suggestion. It’s looks like only daily/weekly/monthly report will generate in this function and I still not sure about pro plan subscription. I wish to use report function as a last option.

I want my app to automatically notify specific person when item in stock is low.

Thank you

I believe this email should go to Admin user only?

Because you are sending the stock quantity alert for one person only, you can do that with the Workflow rule. You need to trigger it somehow, but you don’t need to trigger it exactly from the stock table.

You have this other tableA and if any action is done (All changes), it will trigger your Workflow if the condition like COUNT(SELECT(Stock[KeyColumn],[Minimum acceptable stock] > [Current stock]))>0. Then add a table/template to your email so it will read all items from the Stock table where the [Minimum acceptable stock] > [Current stock]). That table needs a formula like…

<<Start: SELECT(Stock[KeyColumn],[Minimum acceptable stock] > [Current stock])>>

Dear Aleksi,

Sorry that I not quite cleared for your solution.

The table that I update directly is “Shipping (outbound)” table which cause the value in “Products” table change by the formula.

Please advise that understand correctly or not?

Is this an condition of workflow for target data “Shipping (Outbound)” table?

How do I add a table to email? Is it an email body template in workflow?

I input following condition for target data: Products table workflow <<SELECT(Products[Current Stock],[Minimum Acceptable Stock]>[Current Stock])>> but response is “The expression is valid but its result type ‘List’ is not one of the expected types: Yes/No”

Apologies for my skill.

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This is for the Workflow’s condition rule… meaning should it trigger the Workflow or not.

It can be “Email body template” or “Attachment template”. Though you could do it with the Body text.

It sounds that you could actually write values directly into the Body field, no Body or PDF templates are probably needed. Then you could use like…
<<Start: SELECT(Products[YourKeyColumn],[Minimum acceptable stock] > [Current stock])>>
<< End >>
It will give you a list of Products that are over your stock limit.