Problems getting rid of AppSheet

I tried to get rid of the menu item Appsheet, but can’t seem to do so? I’ve already tried logging out of my google account, reinstalling the app again, uninstalling it etc.

So how do I get rid of it completely? This is getting to a point where it almost acts like, sorry to say, malware :frowning:

AppSheet is a native menu option in Sheets, just like Forms and BigQuery (in certain plan levels) and cannot be removed like marketplace add-ons can.

If you are an admin of a Workspace organization however, you can disable AppSheet as a service for some or all users Turn AppSheet on or off for users - Google Workspace Admin Help

If you’re willing to share why you’d like it removed, or if you’ve had other issues I can help out with, glad to help. -Peter

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So, if I understood you correctly it can’t be removed for normal (free) Google accounts? So it’s part of the Google apps every free Google user has?

Correct, it’s available in free Google accounts and for Workspace customers.


: ( OK, I see. It seems Google pushed a product on me without knowing.

Sorry it’s causing you trouble - if the main inconvenience is that it’s in the way of your typical navigation in Sheets, that feedback is helpful to understand.

Also, glad to show you ways to take advantage of it (for free) if that helps. Many ways to use it on an individual/personal level that doesn’t require paying for licenses (if that’s a concern).

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@Peter can I follow this up with another question?

I wanted to remove the option in sheets for users to create Appsheet Apps. I left this option on for myself as I create our school apps and also in another domain I work at.

I am dismayed though that turning this off in OUs stops users in that OU from even using Apps that I create!

Could you persuade Google to break that permission into 2? Can Create Appsheet and Can Use Trusted Appsheet Apps?

On or off isn’t granular enough for this setting at the moment I think.