Problems uploading images in Appsheet


I have a problem, it is the following:

I have several days saving images through the app in google sheet, but when viewing the images some are visible, others are not…

We use a formula to convert the images into Link and thus be able to view it, it happens that the formula cannot access the image that is in the appsheet, but if it is in the drive and this is causing us serious problems, they have some way to upload the images from google drive, from the folder where they are saved to appsheet?

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Jodenmy acevedo

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We’re looking into it right now…


Same problem here, please help

Please contact for help with this.

The same problem
it started about 5 hour ago. About 30% of images with 404 error and cant be visible
cleaned the disk, updated the application, nothing helps
Please help

Hi all, please see Ongoing issue loading files from Google Drive

We’ll keep updating that post as we get information.