Problems with apps with Microsoft as a Data Sorce

Hello Community:

Our apps based in Microsoft as a data source have problems in this moment. In the screen appears something like:

Unable to fetch app definition.

Error:Error: Table’s file ‘//OneDrive//appsheet//data//SSOExalmar-719100//SSOExalmar2.xlsx’ is not accessible due to: Error code: FileOpenBaseDocumentCheckOperationFailed

Error message: Service is unavailable. Please try again.

Stack trace: at System.Threading.Tasks.Task`1.GetResultCore(Boolean waitCompletionNotification)

at Nirvana.Data.ExcelAPITable.<>c__DisplayClass99_0.b__0(String workbookSessionId) in d:\a\1\s\V2API\Providers\MicrosoftProvider\ExcelAPITable.cs:line 235

at V2API.Providers.MSGraphUtilities.ExecuteSessionOperationWithRetry(Context context, String accessToken, Action`1 operation, String sessionId, String userToken, PhysicalSchema physicalSchema, String operationName, Exception& fatalException, Int32 userId, Int32 maxRetryCount, String debugInfo) in d:\a\1\s\V2API\Providers\MicrosoftProvider\MSGraphUtilities.cs:line 967

Debug information:

Method: GetSheetUsedRange

. Error: The table SSOExalmar-719100:1.000426:Reportes is not available Error: Data table ‘Reportes’ is either inaccessible or empty./n

Could you help us, please.



It might be a regional thing with Microsoft’s servers. My data from OneDrive loaded no problem. Try again in a few minutes.

And, just to be sure, make sure no one has the spreadsheet file Open somewhere. I don’t think that’s the case, and I’m not super familiar with all the error details, but couldn’t hurt to make sure.