Problems with date format

(Very newbie here :smile: )

I have set a behavior as follows: if the day on the table is today, it has to send an email.
I think I did correctly, but the email is not sent I think because the format of the date. In my table is DD/MM/YYYY and the comparison is MM/DD/YY or YYYY.
I compare the date on the table with TODAY() and if true, it should send the email.
Am I missing something?
Is there a way to sort this out?

Thanks in advance.

Hi @Antonio_Soler

Are you using the report?
If the trigger date is variable, you need to use reports instead of Workflow.

Hi @Takuya_Miyai

Thanks for answering, first, of course.
No, I’m not using reports, I was trying with workflow.
I’ve been reading the “Reports” attachment you left (thanks again, by the way), but I think I wown’t be able to use this as I’m not on a paying plan because this was just for my own use as a, lets call it, a test.
What I wanted to do is when one data on a row is equal at today, send an email to remind it.
How could I do that?



I’m sure there is some way to make this happen, but I can’t recommend it because it would be very tricky.
I would recommend signing up for the Pro plan and running it.

Include the TEXT() function in your comparison formula. So

Text([field input with date],“dd/mm/yyyy”) = Text(Today(),“dd/mm/yyyy”)

The text command takes lots of different input types and displays them with a selection of formatting types as defined in the inverted commas second parameter.

A very useful function!


Thanks Scott for the info.

I’ll wait some dates to come to see if it works ok, but I think it will do it.