Problems with Expression - combining Filter and Not

AND((FILTER(Employees, [Crew] = “Maintenance”)), (NOT([Employee #1])))

Hi guys! I have a spreadsheet where I am trying to achieve having 3 employees being able to list their names on it. I have [Employee #1], [Employee #2], [Employee #3].

I would like to limit #2 and #3 so that neither of them offer the opportunity to have a repeat employee. So for example, if “Frank” is the first employee, I don’t want his name to come up on the drop down menu of #2 or #3, as an option.

I was able to do this with a different timesheet with a different expression, but that’s not working now and I think it has something to do with the key. But anyway, I think I’m close with this. Can you please advise? The first part is working, but not the “NOT” part of the expression. Thanks!

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