Problems with image formulas

Hey Guys,

Im having a problem with 1 of my image columns.

I have an drop down where the user can select a predetermined image, or in this same dropdown they can select custom. When they select custom they can take there own image.

I have a VIRTUAL image column that is getting the predetermined image which is referenced from the drop down.

But, when the user selects “Custom” My image column become visible so the user can take there own picture, if it isn’t visible I have a formula so it takes the value from the VIRTUAL column.

Problem is, My image column won’t display even when I have it to show if user selects visible if I have this formula in the formula column, it will show if I don’t have a formula.

IF([Type] = “Custom”, “”, [Type].[Image])

Also Tried IF([Type] = “Custom”, [_this], [Type].[Image]) but saying it cant find its own column.
Also Tried IF([Type] = “Custom”, [Image], [Type].[Image])

My image references are coming from a different table not this one.

You can’t have an App Formula that allows for automatic AND manual updating. If there is an App Formula, the user won’t be able to upload a custom picture. You could use Initial Value to assign a default image, but you won’t be able to make it dependant on [Type]. It would still be user editable to their own image though.

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How would I go about making something dependant on type, I have my virtual column that get the image selected from type, and my image column where a user can take there own image if they they select custom.

I need everything to go to 1 column as whatever they choose I need it to appear on the header of my Views.

Any ideas?

Hmm, off the top of my head, I would probably implement two real image columns. One that is visible for “Custom” and one that is visible for the other options. The Custom one would have no app formula, and the other one would compute automatically. And then I would use a Virtual image column to pull from either of those image columns so you can have something to set in your views.

There might be an easier way to do it, but that’s the first method that comes to mind.

Update, I have a working Solution. That is coming with other problems for some reason.

My solution.

  1. Take away all formulas from the image column.
  2. Only display image column if “Custom” is selected.
  3. Create an action Called Set Image. It sets the [Image] column from the [Image from Type] Column.
  4. Create a workflow which fires every time a row is added. This workflow is set to trigger the action in point 3 only if [Type] < > “Custom”

![Screen Shot 2020-01-07 at 8.39.55 PM|407x500](upload://IBhU


The problem Im having now is the images are not showing up in my deck views, only in my detail views. The main Image for my views is set to Image. My detail views are working though.??



True, but you could instead use an Initial value expression, a Reset on edit? expression, and an Editable? expression to achieve the desired result.

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Can you explain the Reset on edit expression?

I have this working but wondering if there any more efficient cleaner ways to go about it.

When Reset on edit? is set to ON, the column’s Initial value expression will used to generate a new value for the column each time the row is modified in some way (e.g., when the row is saved from a form view, a column value is changed with Quick Edit, or an action modifies the row).

When Reset on edit? is given an expression, that expression decides whether the column value should be recalculated for any given modification of the row. Note that the Reset on edit? expression does not provide the new column value; instead, it simply indicates whether the column value should or should not be recalculated that particular time.

The Initial value expression (if it exists) is always used to give the column a value when the row is created, regardless of the Reset on edit? setting.


Thank you. Im sure this will become useful in the feature.
Great explanation.

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