Problems with inline form view


I am having some trouble with some form views in my app. I have two tables, Expenses and Expense_Details. In the Expense_Details i have a column referencing Expenses and set as Part Of. I have setup the order of columns for the form view of Expense_Details.
If i try to add a new row from the Expense_Details table view, the form displays correctly.
The problem arises when i go to Expenses table view, add a new Expense and in the form view i add a new Expense_Details row, the form displayed does not match the column order i have set up for Expense_Details form, behaves like it has another template.

Would anybody be able to tell me whats happening and why the column order is not the same in both instances ? They are both pointing to the same table, i would assume only one form is used.



Thank you for your time. I have tried redoing the form and saving and i have same problem.
Sorry about the quality of pics.

This is what my Expense_Details form looks like, observe first 3 columns.

This here are my view, one for Expenses and one for Expense Details.

In this view when i click the add button it takes me to the right form which i created.

When i go to my Expenses view and hit the add button.

It takes me to the form view for Expenses which respects the column order i have set for it. But when i click add new “line item” in this view.

The form that opens now for Expense Details does not respect the column order i have set in the first picture. Observe first three columns.

Hope the pictures clarify the problem im experiencing. Any ideas on how i should proceed ?
If i might add, i have the tables Order and Order Details and everything is working as intended for them.

I woke up this morning and after redoing the Expenses table i have managed to get it working. I think it was just a bug i was experiencing.

Thank you for taking the time to help out.

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Hooray! :slight_smile: