Processes - Steps: "Wait for a condition" TIME expression

I have created a time condition for a step “Wait for a condition”. Normally, the formula compares the time NOW with the time the last row was created. After 1 minute, the expression should be TRUE and the next step should be triggered . I have used this kind of condition as action filter in behavior field before and it worked good, but in automation seems not to be working. I have tested it in the expression builder and it gave me the value I was expecting.

MINUTE(TIMENOW()-TIME(LOOKUP(MAX(SELECT(Timesheet[_ROWNUMBER], AND([Useremail]=USEREMAIL(),[Fecha]=TODAY(),[Tarea]=‘Ejercicio’ ) ) ), “Timesheet”, “_ROWNUMBER”, “Hora Inicio”)))>1

QUESTION: time conditions does not work in “Wait for a condition” steps?

Hi Dani,

The wait steps work off of changes to the actual data sources that are backing the process.

So if you have a google sheet that is the data source that is being used and that sheet has a row.

Once the process is a wait condition, if the row is updated it will check if the wait condition is evaluates to true.

So if you are trying to have it wait for one minute this will not work.

Would have a step that can wait a given amount of time be desirable for your use cases ?

Thanks Dan for your fast answer! I got it: the row needs to be updated for the condition to be evaluated. :smiley:
As an answer to your question “Would have a step that can wait a given amount of time be desirable for your use cases ?” For me this feature would be helpfull. Lots of times I try to implement some time conditions, for example:
If you always perform some behaviour at same time, you can just schedule a report, BUT sometimes I cannot have a fixed time everyday to do some stuff. Examples:
-In my country work break must last at least 15 minutes by law, so the action to finish break time should only be visible 15 minutes after the beginning of break (to avoid people registering shorter breaks).
-Same with some tasks: they need to be performed at certain times, but starting time varies depending on when you started working that day. By showing and hiding actions depending on relative times, I can avoid mistakes when clicking on wrong actions. These are “fake” data inputs I prefer to avoid.


Thanks for sharing your use case. We will look into supporting this in future releases.

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I too would find it beneficial to have a step that can wait a set amount of time. If I dont have this, I WILL make 6-18 scheduled automations/workflows that do the exact thing (check if created time of row is X hours ago).

Use case: In a deployed Timelogs app, I have users (and their supervisors) asking me to create an “auto-notice” to remind them about their active log after 2 hours (and preferably also after 4 hrs, 6 hrs, etc).

I have several other ideas where a delayed-notification like so would be very handy, possibly days after (new contact not yet contacted, invoice not yet sent out, etc). Such things would be quite bulky and frankly ugly to create with the current features available.

Yes @Ferret we are aware of this requirement and plan to address this in future releases.

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