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I have a table for products with each product in a row and comuns for price bands as below. How can a user create a new price band if they can’t create a new column. I can put more columns such as custom 2 custom 3 etc but they wouldn’t be able to name the columns themselves.



Product Name Product Description ABV Litres Duty Paid On (Litres) Duty/Hectolitre Duty Paid on Container Band 1 Band 2 Band 3 Band 4 Custom
Lister’s Best Bitter 9G 3.9% BB 9g 3.90% 41.00 40.00 £9.54 £14.88 £70.00 £74.00 £79.00 £84.00 0
Lister’s Special Ale 9G 4.6% SA 9g 4.60% 41.00 40.00 £9.54 £17.55 £75.00 £79.00 £84.00 £89.00 0
Lister’s Limehouse Porter 9G 4.1% LP 9g 4.10% 41.00 40.00 £9.54 £15.65 £70.00 £74.00 £79.00 £84.00 0
Lister’s India Pale Ale 9G 4.3% IPA 9g 4.30% 41.00 40.00 £9.54 £16.41 £75.00 £79.00 £84.00 £89.00 0

Construct a Price Band table and connect to this table with REF and isPartOf property set to ON. Any user can always create a REF type Price Band any number of times they want. In this Products table you will notice a virtual column named as Related Price Bands which will show the Price Bands for each associated product.

You also check this from my community samples app. Click on your name in the Home and explore the details.

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Hi Levent,

Thank you I hadn’t thought of doing it that way. Can you post an example of how the new Price Band table/google sheet is laid out?



You can copy my Community Sample app via my app portfolio >

Thanks Levant.

That’s really useful. I should have posted dummy prices though. Do you think you can remove from the app sample please?

Many thanks


Sure thing. Sampe data prices are dummied as per your request.