Production by using ingredients by batch

Dear All, I am new to AppSheet and I am not a fluent English speaker, still there is a question I’ll try to formulate and I would appreciate every advice.

Under the HACCP ( Hazard analysis and critical control points) requirements my company needs to trace every batch of ingredient accepted in our warehouse till the shipment to the final customer (our company produces bean-to-bar chocolate).

I made an app wich traces incoming ingredients to our main warehouse, labels it with a unique batch name and traces movement among warehouses of those ingredients, one by one. It doesn’t matter if ingredient was moved partially or completely.

Here is the most difficult part:
I need to make a production module, wich can substract ingredients from warehouse not only one by one, but also as mentioned in recipe (a number of ingredients at a time).
I want to know if anyone else has already done something similar? What is the logic of such operation.
Should I make a single sheet with all the recipes in it?
The problem is that different products can have different number of ingredients. And for every ingredient there can be a number of batches in the warehouse. If I use new batch of ingredient the final product should become a new batch of final product as well.

For example:
To produce the “productOne” i need two pieces of ingredientOne and one piece of “ingredientTwo”.

I want to produce 5 pieces of productOne - i.e.I need 10 of ingredientOne and 5 of ingredientTwo. When the operator chooses what product he or she wants to produce in AppSheet the app needs to double check which batch of ingredient is enough for production and let to choose from Enum list only those ingredients which can be found in required quantity. Substract those ingredients from the warehouse and add 5 pieces of productOne.

Thank you in advance for your help and advices.

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