Production material app

Hello, I hope the question hasn’t been asked already, because I can’t find it.

I want to create an app where I manage products and each product is based of XYZ different production material, for example:

A chair needs 4 wood planks
40 screws

So I have a table with the final product and a table with production material, so I am I able to set a quantity in the reference?

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Unfortunately I can’t find a good example that provides my needs

Hmm… I would use two tables to perform this action.

Table 1 is your standard tablet that lists all of your products and the materials to make them, have a key for each product

Table 2 is the production record. User could select what they want to build, and quantity. The table name / key would be used to reference back to table 1 and fill in you other columns for materials. I’d also put a new key in this table to act as an order number.

If you want data off of the table I’d probably create slices to do the work.